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Oppo F11 Pro smartphone is one of the many smartphones that sport a self-timer. The Oppo F11 Pro features an eight-megapixel camera with LED light sensor. The Oppo F11 Pro also sports a large 6.5-inch touchscreen display and boasts a 90.9% touch-to-screen-to-body ratio, which is pretty impressive. The F11 Pro also has very skinny bezels on the top and back of the phone. oppo f11 pro

The Oppo F11 Pro features the typical home button setup, with two dedicated icons for the camera and text messages. One of the biggest differences this handset has compared to the others in the market is that it does not have an expandable storage space. The Oppo F11 Pro comes with a single 16GB internal memory and an upgradeable add-on of 2GB. This gives you plenty of room to store all your important data. Though there are other handsets that offer similar size and storage, the Oppo F11 Pro can still come out as a champion.

There are two major variants of the Oppo F11 Pro. You can get the standard version which is available with a single color screen or the Gold variant which has a dual color screen. Both phones have a unique design and are extremely sleek. On the other hand, the basic variant is available in two colors – silver and black. Though there is a slight difference between the two colors, they both look very similar. The Gold variant of the Oppo F11 Pro comes with a fingerprint scanner and offers a larger memory space (adding up to a total of two gigabytes).

If you want to own one of the best smartphone devices of this year, the Oppo F11 Pro would be the perfect choice. The device has all the great features that any modern smartphone would have. With its stylish looks, it’s not surprising that this device has established itself as a favorite with many people. To know more about the amazing features of the Oppo F11 Pro, all you need to do is check out our Oppo F11 Pro review which lists down all the pros and cons of the phone.

As far as performance is concerned, the oppo f11 pro comes with everything that an average smartphone would have. It comes with Google Maps preinstalled on it, which is ideal for someone who travels a lot. Apart from this, the phone comes with an internal memory which is expandable so that you can add additional apps that you want to run on it. In terms of camera, the Oppo F11 Pro comes with both a standard lens as well as a micro lens, which gives you plenty of flexibility.

This is one of the rare instances where an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge comes with a high-end device like the Oppo F11 Pro, which makes it even more special. The phone comes with a sleek metal body, and the dual camera setup comes with a Boom Shot mode which allows you to take a high quality photograph. If you’re planning to buy this particular smartphone in the near future, then you must read our Oppo F11 Pro review to find out more about it.

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